Who is dating natalie portman

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Who is dating natalie portman

What she remembers best about Maryland is the pink carpet and her dolls. "It's very odd," she says, "because I don't remember ever talking to my parents about sex ... But she rebuffs my suggestion that she picked this up from her father's job."I barely saw my dad when I was little," she says, "because he was doing his residency." (I ask what exactly he does as a fertility specialist. Angela Bassett ..."Those all are pretty sexy people," she says with a grin.

"He inseminates and does surgery, and he's a reproductive endocrinologist," his daughter says matter-of-factly.) "The smell of a hospital is like the smell of my dad to me."I involuntarily make a face."You're like, ' Natalie's such a creepy person,'" she declares, both accusing and laughing. "The only sibling I ever wanted," she says, "was an older brother, so he could introduce me to cute boys. "I don't know how my chances are after those names."Do you date non-vegetarians? "It's kind of unusual to find guys who are vegetarian. But, I mean, I guess someone can still be sexy even if they're married.

"Kids are the Shakespearean fools in Hollywood movies," she says. "I probably deserved it," she says, "but it wasn't pleasant even if I did deserve it. Things like, I remember I had a boyfriend, and I kissed him on the first date, and they would call me 'whore.'"When Portman was thirteen, because she couldn't stand it anymore, she transferred to public school: "All of a sudden there are 500 kids, and even the kids that get picked on, they have their friends." (She figures that she "was probably part of the generic JAP-y group.")After those first two movies, her career went quieter.

"They hold the keys to wisdom in their innocence, or are so creepily adult they make us reflect on how creepy adults are."Were you aware of that at the time? (Asked which of her movies she's most proud of, she picks these first two, and only one since — the mother-daughter drama with Susan Sarandon, last summer in New York.) Portman has only ever worked in the summer holidays (except when she played Anne Frank on Broadway, when she would go to school as usual during the day).

Natalie and Britney were able to reminisce about this recently.OK, everyone's seen boobs, but I just don't like being objectified. Her father told her that, in the photographs' aftermath, some of his colleagues, eyes raised appreciatively, would say to him, "Saw your daughter! Last year she got a call saying that Mc Intyre wanted to go out. I didn't want him to think I was going to, like, date him.I don't go wagging my boobs around in people's faces. "Today's paper is used to pick up tomorrow's poop — right? ...""I mean, Patrick Swayze was sex for me," she says. It's all about the jaw."There were other fixations, such as New Kids on the Block. That's sort of sketchy when celebrities just call and ask you out."Portman would like to make plain that this clear-stated, sensible policy may be immediately jettisoned under certain circumstances."Hey, I mean, honestly, if it was Brad Pitt — which obviously is, like, a moot point, since he's, like, happily married to an amazing woman — if he called up, I'd be like, ' OK.' I'd ignore my boycott." found her playing kids who were preternaturally adult, not unlike herself. And then the teasing that goes on in adolescence sort of shuts that up, and that's when you learn humility."She had a bad time for a while.She tended to find herself playing small parts in fairly prestigious movies: Michael Mann's prequels allows her to maintain her ambivalence about acting while making sure that she has a healthy career after college if she wants it. ' They seem really fake."Do you think you grew up too fast? The problem with most child actors is that they think they're grown up. And when they get to be older, they're not as grown up as their peers, because they just thought they were."e head for Portman's small apartment, near campus."It was my way of trying not to fall into the trap," she says. "Excuse my carpet," she says, explaining that she bought it in Morocco last summer — her first trip on her own.

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"It was basically the thrill of their lives."About six months after her play, she auditioned for about a lonely hitman (Jean Reno) and a twelve-year-old girl. She had jumped off a sailboat with a girl-friend and swum to a deserted island, where they frolicked in the shallows, topless. "The creepy thing was there was someone there, someone following us," she says.